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Timekit is a software platform for designers and developers and provide powerful tools to add a booking experience to any website or app.

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Find me a  within the next 2 weeks
that are available on Mondays between
2-6pm for a duration of 1 hour
1pm – 2pm
2pm – 3pm
4pm – 5pm
2pm – 3pm
2pm – 3pm
4pm – 5pm
5pm – 6pm
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Booking Sean on
August 17th, 2pm - 3pm
Build your own scheduling and booking flows with Timekit. Get started today!


Simple & easy customer scheduling made for sales & support teams. Create a beautiful booking widget in minutes!
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The tools that you need

Booking Engine

Define your business logic and let Timekit handle the heavy lifting.

Availability Engine

Work with real-time availability by utilizing our Find Time algorithm

Sync Engine

Manage your resources in Timekit and sync with calendar providers.

Booking flow that fits your business

We measure our success in how little code you need to write. Quickly choose the path your booking should follow before being completed and exactly the booking flow you need.

Built on flows
Bookings are created based on blueprints; a flow that a booking can follow. Do you need payments, manual confirmations, class bookings or something else - just choose the right blueprint.
Great docs
Everything about our booking engine has world-class documentation and field guides that provide you with the recipe to make building any online booking experience an easy task.

Work with real-time

The core of Timekit is the ability to programmatically work with real-time availability through our Find Time algorithm. It gives you a powerful time query at your fingertips to find exactly the time in a calendar that you need to book.

Free/busy state
FindTime works by looking in calendars and understands what is free and what is busy times. It output in simple JSON that is easy to consume for other apps.
You're in control
Everything about FindTime has granular controls. Work with timezones, multiple calendars, and filters to find exactly what you are looking for.

Manage resources
with our sync engine

Timekit is a fully hosted calendar for your resources. It makes managing which resources that can be booked and which calendar bookings are saved to simple and easy.

Manage resources
You can create new resources and give them a calendar directly from our admin or add programmatically with code.
Integrated onboarding
If you are building complex a app with its own users you can integrate Timekit into your own onboarding flow and UI and control Timekit from your own environment.

Beautiful scheduling

Our widget is an embeddable booking form that our engineers and designers optimize for conversions.

With a few lines of JavaScript, you can drop in a beautiful form that works across browsers and devices, supports different flows, speak multiple languages and time formats and automatically improves over time.

Take it for a spin in the live demo!

Get a grand overview
with your dashboard

Make faster business decisions using insights from real-time data. See booking - across different Timekit configurations, adjust settings and debug code - all in one place.

Easy overview

See everything create with Timekit in an simple dashboard.

Chat with our team

Our Customer Success is ready to help you directly from our dashboard.

Visual Controls

You can find a button for all the tedious code tasks - to help you spend less time.

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