A New Standard for Scheduling

No matter what booking scenario you have, Timekit is the simple
and customizable solution for you.


Everything starts  with a project

Timekit works through projects that act as event types for your different booking flows. Create as many as you need either via our Admin Dashboard or even the API.


Everything can become a bookable resource

No matter what use-case you have or what asset you want to offer as a bookable resource it can be created and managed and assigned to projects via Timekit.


You have employees, users or people who are offering times from their calendar as reservable units.

Items & assets

You have hot desks, loading stations, trucks, parking spots or other resources that can’t manage themselves.


Calendar agnostic

The beauty of Timekit is that it both works as a standalone calendar, but also has the ability to connect to third party services to make sure your resources aren’t doublebooked.


Timekit works as a fully hosted calendar


Connect with Office 365, Outlook or even Hotmail.


Connect with Google Calendar and Google Apps.


Easily manage time for your resources

Let your customers see resource availability without any manual work from your admins. Each resource can define a set of filters to limit any avilability found in their calendars.


Pick the way that fits your business needs

A powerful availability engine that route bookings to the available resources in real-time. Multiple modes available to support you no matter what business model you have.


One customer is allowed to book one timeslot with one specific resource.


One customer is allowed to book one timeslot, but the booking is routed to the first available resource


Multiple customers are allowed to book the same timeslot.


Easily control confirmation flows

Control whether bookings are confirmed instantly when they are requested by customers or if you or receiving resources should have time to review before finally confirming slots.

Instant Confirmations

Bookings are confirmed automatically when they are created.

Manual Confirmations

Bookings are put into a tentative state and the receiving resource is notified of a new booking that needs attention.

Booking widget

A beautiful booking form

Receive bookings via our integrated booking form. Use it out of the box, add customizations to it our use it as a starting point for your own UI.

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Custom UI

More settings, more control

The Timekit platform allows for endless customizations. Deep dive and create new ways to allow customers to schedule with you.

Buffer time

Avoid back-to-back by setting a buffer around any other events found in your resources' calendars.

Collect customer info.

Specify what info you need your customers to give you as part fo the booking.

Min. scheduling notice

Make sure everybody is ready by controlling when how soon the first time slot should be available.

Reminders & Notifications

Control when and what reminders go out - both to your resources and the customers. Or disable all notifications and use webhooks to go custom.

Future look out

How far into the future should your customers be able to book your resources? 2 days, 2 week or 2 months?

Flexible durations

15 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour or 24 hours? How long the event your customers is booking us up to you. You can even offer multiple duration in different projects while staying in sync.