Continuous Control

Continuously control & tweak your booking flows.


Managing your bookings has never been easier

Our Admin Dashboard provides controls for you and your team to hit the ground running and to avoid having to build internal tools to control your booking flows.


One dashboard, for everything

The Admin Dashboard is your hub for working with Timekit’s services and settings and sharing it with your team. It allows developers, product managers, and administrators to effectively manage their Timekit powered applications.

  • Manage Projects
  • Control Notifications
  • Billing & Account management
  • Developer Tools
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Booking Overview

Manage your users and resources with a few clicks

Create new resources, update their roles or sync their calendars easy right from your dashboard.

  • Create and update resources
  • Easy sync with Google and Microsoft
  • Control user roles and access

Quick access to important tools

As a developer our Admin Dashboard gives your quick access to a range of developer-oriented tools.

  • API request log
  • Calendar & sync debugging
  • Easy webhooks setup

Build your own Admin Dashboard

Timekit is a fully comprehensive API platform. Our hosted Admin Dashboard is fully powered
by the same platform you have access to.