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Selected Customer Stories

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Seamless Docs

The future of government forms 

SeamlessDocs specializes in working with Governments to understand their form processes and help them digitize and automate their operations. Timekit is powering up the next generation version of SeamlessDocs that brings the world closer to a paperless government.

Embedded booking widget with Timekit

SeamlessDocs is using Timekit to add the ability to book Government officials when filling out relevant forms. Timekit fetches availability from Government officials’ calendars and produces a sleek booking widget right within a standard form

My Tennis Lessons

Find & book a tennis trainer

With more than 25,000 tennis lessons taken, MyTennisLesson is one of the largest communities for people looking to learn how to play the sport. MyTennisLesson is using Timekit to give people a real-time booking experience when looking for a trainer.

Powerful conditional booking flows

Timekit handles calendars and availability profiles for all trainers, allow people to find, book and get a tennis lesson confirmed. All while giving full control of the data to MyTennisLesson.


Online community for tattoo enthusiasts

Tattoodo is the world’s largest community for tattoo enthusiasts. With millions of unique monthly visitors they are quickly becoming the most important hub for anything related to tattoos.

Global marketplace for tattoo shops

Tattoodo is using Timekit to power up the next generation of their product. Featuring a marketplaces they utilize Timekit to handle calendars, availability profiles and logic for tattoo artists, and give visitors the ability to search, find and book available tattoo artists around the world.