A Complete
Developer Toolset

Take the Timekit even further with powerful APIs for arbitrary back-end logic and integration with other services.


Your imagination sets the limit

With a comprehensive API platform only your imagination sets the boundaries of what’s possible.

Integrate quickly

Set your imagination free by quickly integrating our simple API that are battle-tested for scale and built for high availability. Timekit lets you spend your development time on product improvements and ship them without worrying about maintenance later on.


The core of Timekit is unmatched customizability. Gone are the days with vendor lock-in and limited functionality. Instead, you get an open platform, with a well-documented API to build the digital experience your business needs.

Scale without worrying

Timekit is built for scale and global platforms. We offer pricing tailored to large organizations and platforms with tons of users and complex needs.

Always improving

Timekit is an always-improving toolchain that gains new functionality every day. Building with Timekit means you get access to the latest technologies in a platform delivered by a world-class engineering team.


Unprecedented flexibility

Programmatically control everything on Timekit. Create resources remotely, sync calendars, create projects, control bookingflows and settings - all from your own environment.

Timekit offers endless customizations by giving you a set of unified tools to pick, choose and combine things the way you want.

Build custom UIs

Power up an admin interface inside your own product or on your own domain and build your own custom booking form and plug both things into Timekit.

Customize logic to fit your needs

Tweak the way a booking behaves during it lifetime. Choose between multiple blueprints and trigger webhooks throughout the flow.


Hit the ground running

Our API platform comes with a companion UI called booking.js that is specifically made to work Timekit and cut down your time to market.

Customizable & Open Source

Booking.js is javascript based, fully customizable and it’s open-sourced with an MIT license.

Continiously improved

Our engineers and designers use data from usage to constantly improve and optimize so it’s better at converting visitors into confirmed appointments for you.

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More controls for developers

The Timekit platform allows for endless customizations. Deep dive and create new ways to allow customers to schedule with you and your resources.

Search API

Easily populate lists with available resources by using our search API to query thousands of resources.

Request log

Keep track of requests to our platform to avoid trying to find the needle in the haystack when debugging.

Resource tagging

Group resources and query for availability by tags to allow for custom grouping logic.

Calendar Control

Birds-eye view of which calendar providers are connected to your Timekit account.


Integrate Stripe, Braintree, Adyen and other payment gateways by using our payment graphs.

Resources API

Control resources via the API. Create, update, or delete resources from your own dashboard or internal tools.

Booking API

Export bookings into your own dashboard or tool via the API and push any state change back to Timekit.

Meta data

Add custom meta data like user or transaction to bookings to make sure systems stay in sync.


Full webhooks support during a booking's lifecycle. Use it to trigger external processes like custom emails, text messages or ping your reporting tools.