A New Standard for Automated Scheduling

Timekit scans calendars for availability and extract free times. You control how customers can book the open time slots.

Appointment TYPES

Offer different appointment types

With Timekit you and your team can offer different types of appointments.


Allow your invitee to schedule individual slots


Choose a specific order in which your team gets booked

Round Robin

Automatically distribute bookings among your team members


Allow multiple people to schedule the same slot

Booking rules & settings

Be in control of every step

Become a timeboss with detailed settings of each step in the customer booking journey. Make Timekit fit your workflows, not the other way around.

Buffer time

Avoid back-to-back by setting a buffer around any other events found in your calendar.

Customer information

Build mini surveys that customers need to fill as part of the booking process.

Rescheduling flow

Timekit make sure people pick a new time if things change.

Timezone detection

Timekit detects customers timezone and show slots in their local time.

Min. scheduling notice

Control how soon the first time slot should be available.

Reminders & Notifications

Booking notifications and reminders sent at custom intervals comes as standard in Timekit.

Cancellation flow

Timekit makes sure everybody is notified if someone cancels.

Granular availability filters

Control exactly when you are available with granular availability filters.

Future look out

Control how far into the future should your customers be able to book.

Flexible durations

15 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour or 24 hours?  It's up to you.

Reassign Bookings

Assign your booking to someone else on your team instead of cancelling it.

Meeting Requests

Manually confirm customer meetings to review info before accepting it.


Be a power admin

Timekit is made for large teams with easy control over access level and your account.

Easy team management

Easily add/remove people from your team and control their access level.

Centralized billing

Easy centralized payment for everyone on your team. No more expense reports. Invoice billing available on our Enterprise plan.

Metrics & Reporting

Deep dive with your scheduling metrics to understand what is working and what needs attention.


Upgrade your existing tools

Turn Timekit into a scheduling powerhouse by integrating it with the tools your already use or automate elements with our API.

Two-way calendar sync
Embeddable widget
Zapier integration
API platform

Manage Timekit on the go

You can build Timekit into your own app or platform. Our web interface is responsive and also works on mobile for easy booking management.